REPAIR & Installations

At A Clean Pool USA, we provide an array of pool equipment  repairs and installations to protect the investment and the life of your pool.

Whether you’re looking to repair, service or upgrade your pool equipment we would be glad to help. We have a full repair team to help you. Please feel free to call us so we can go over the best options for you and your pool.

pumpsPumps / Motors:
• Motor replacements
• Leak repair
• Diagnostics
• Variable speed pump upgrades

Variable speed pumps:
• slash utility bills as much as 50%
• provide the quietest operation
• provide pump/control systems with expanded
capabilities for greater customer convenience
• run cooler and last longer

DE, Sand & Cartridge Filters:
• Backwashing/Cleaning
• Filter cartridges or DE grid replacement
• Complete filter upgrade/replacement.
• Plumbing & Leak repair.

lightsTimers / Controls:
• Installation & Repair
• Upgrades
• Programming
• Seasonal run time adjustments
• Pool/Spa light  repairs

 Salt System:
• Salt pool conversions
• Salt cell inspection & cleanings
salt• Salt testing
• Non-iodized "Pool Salt"