Call us for our Internet Specials starting at $99.00* (screened-in pool) and $119.00* (unscreened pools)

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Call us for our Internet Specials starting at $99.00* (screened-in pool) and $119.00* (unscreened pools)

Get Your Friend to Join, and You’ll Receive $50.00 credit towards your account!

Pool and Spa Maintenance

Rely on us for weekly pool maintenance services. We perform the following work:

  • Brushing and Skimming
  • Chemical Addition as Required
  • Emptying All Baskets
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Water Testing
  • Vacuuming
  • Pool Equipment Monitoring
  • We will notify customers if repairs are needed.

Contact us for more details.

Quality Equipment Repair and Installation

Let us help you keep your pool at peak operation. We supply, install, and replace an array of equipment and parts. Whether you want an upgrade or a simple repair work, you can depend on our crew. Reach out to us and let us discuss your needs and specifications.

We do replacement of all pumps and motors as well as updating with energy efficient, single and variable speeds for pumps and motors.

  • Saves As Much as 50% on Energy Use
  • Provides the Quietest Operation
  • Provides Pump/Control Systems With Expanded Capabilities
  • Runs Cooler and Lasts Longer

We can perform various services on your diatomaceous earth (DE), sand, and cartridge filters. These include:

  • Backwashing/Cleaning
  • Complete Filters Upgrade/Replacement
  • Filter Cartridge or DE Grid Replacement
  • Plumbing and Leak Repair

Rely on us to work on the various components of your pool or spa lighting, from the timers, controls to the bulbs - all without having to drain your pool:

  • Installation and Repair
  • Programming
  • Light Bulb & Seal Replacement
  • Upgrades
  • Fixture Installation (White & Color LED)

We also offer assistance for those who have salt pools and those who want one. Depend on us to provide the following services:

  • Salt Pool Conversions
  • Salt Cell Inspection and Cleanings
  • Salt Testing
  • We use non-iodized "pool salt."

We do sonar leak detection to pinpoint leaks underground. The diver goes inside the pool for leak and sonar detection. Once you notice your pool leaking, contact us for our superior services for detection, sonar and repair.

  • Leak Detection
  • Detection of Any Leaks Inside the Pool or Underground
  • Installation
  • Diagnosing and Repairing
  • Upgrade your Pool Equipment through Mobile Automation
  • Heater Replacement
  • Gas, Electric and Propane
  • Flip Your Algae stricken pool
  • Flip your pool green to blue with chemicals
  • Drain your algae-stricken pool
  • Pressure wash floor wall and pool
  • Acid or bleach bath to get stubborn stains out

Algae Cleaning and Removal

A pool filled with algae is unsanitary and unsightly, and it takes a lot of work to turn it back to its pristine and hygienic condition. Thankfully, you have us. We offer a service called “green to clean” where we bring back your pool to a clear and healthy state, no matter how severe the algae may be.

Our Process

The steps needed for cleaning a green pool can vary depending on the severity of the algae. In milder cases, adding chemicals and fixing circulation and filtration can address the issue. For more serious situations, draining the pool is necessary. We will then clean out the debris, pressure wash the walls and the floors, bathe the walls with chlorine or acid. Then the pool would be ready to be refilled.

Leak Repair and Detection

Most pool owners may not be aware that their pool has significant leaks. Whether they’re on the concrete shell or in an underground pipe, unchecked leaks can cause serious loss of water and money. Once you suspect or find a leak in your pool, reach out to us. We’ll come to your property and provide superior services so that you can enjoy the sunny days in Orlando leak free. 

Experienced Detectors and
Advanced Tools

By using their extensive knowledge in pool construction and maintenance, our leak detectors will find and investigate your pool for any anomalies. We will find the exact location, magnitude, and cause of a pool leak using sonar equipment.

Repairing Leaks Solves Many Other Issues

At A Clean Pool USA LLC, we understand that having a pool is an investment. To maintain its pristine condition, constant chlorination and filtration are necessary. But when a leak happens, these steps become pointless since water and chemicals just seep into the ground. You can avoid this situation by having us find and repair any leaks. With our help, you’ll be confident that all the effort you’re giving to your pool is not wasted.


"A Clean Pool USA has serviced my pool for 10+ years and I have always been happy with the work that is done. My tech, is wonderful and he keeps my pool looking great. They have also done repair work when needed and everything was done as it should have been. I highly recommend them for servicing your pool."

"I have been with A Clean Pool USA for many years, they have been cleaning & maintaining my pool. The staff in the office have always been friendly curtiuos and quick to handle my questions or concerns. Thank you to the staff at A Clean Pool USA!!"

"Have been using Clean Pool USA for about 4-5 years now. Very responsible, courteous, professional and they do what they say they are going to do. I appreciate the outstanding service."

"Anytime I have a question or concern I know I’m only a phone call or email away. As a new customer I’ve always had a positive experience with A Clean Pool USA.  They do a great job always keeping me informed and educated. Thank you all for such great service."